The Art of Running: Choosing the Right Types of Running Shoes


Running is one of the best exercises of all age groups. Men generally are more interested in running compared to women. It is a kind of game (sport), as well as there, are competitions in terms of running in national as well as an international platform (such as the Olympics games). For some people, the types of running shoes do not matter, and for some people such as athletes matter a lot.

Importance of Shoes for running

  • Runners should be comfortable and at ease with their shoes.
  • To increase performance and avoid the risk of injury.
  • Investing in quality shoes can help you to prevent foot and ankle damage.
  • It makes your workout a more pleasant and comfortable experience.
  • Many factors come to mind when you are selecting shoes for running such as :
    • Your weight
    • Unique Biomechanics
    • Personal preferences.
    • Running Goal
    • Running area
    • Your foot type

There are three main categories of running shoes.

Road Running Shoes

  • These shoes are specially designed for tarmac and occasional raids onto packed surfaces with slight irregularities.
  • They are generally made of cushion, light in weight, and flexible to give comfort to feet during repetitive strides on hard and even surfaces.

Trail Running Shoes:

  • These shoes are generally preferred for running or walking in mud, uneven surfaces (off-road), mountains, and so on.
  • They are enhanced with aggressive tread for solid grip and exhilarated to offer underfoot protection, stability, and support.

Shoes for Cross-training:

These types of shoes are used in cross-fitness workouts, gym, Zumba, dancing, and many other activities where any balance activity having more contact with the ground is preferred over thick platform soles.

If you have no idea what kind of shoes would fit your feet, you can consult with a foot doctor for guidance. Like most of our body parts, the feet are different with each individual; your feet may be narrow or wide, bony or fleshy, arched or flat- and all of these would need different styles of shoes.

Plus, the feet broaden when you run; this is due to the blood that pumps into your feet. When you use your feet, the body knows that it needs more blood and when the blood rushes in, the feet become enlarged.

This is why we recommend you buy running shoes when you have been on your feet the whole day – to allow for the possible expansion of the feet when you start running. You can find running shoes for men online at



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