Top Expensive Leather shoes brands in the world


Leather Shoes Brands will come up on a list when you have money to comfort your little piggies.

Well, the Leather shoes mark their existence since mankind thought of something to wear under their feet. With the evolution of mankind, the varieties and quality of shoes for men evolved too.

The ‘V’ shaped leather sandals used by Greeks and Arabs are used in historic movies to date. However, the transformation of these sandals into modern designer shoes is not this surprising for us.

Let’s check out the 10 most expensive leather shoe brands that require heavy pocket deals.

List of Expensive Leather Shoes Brands In the World

If you have the guts to spend, you’ll never settle for less. This raised the best leather shoe brands in the world to comfort men with luxury under their feet.

It may happen that most men don’t prefer to burn their pockets for shoes but then some men prefer class.

They seek royalty from sleek leather watches to plush leather wallets and unbelievably expensive bags and shoes.

“Brands really represent trust. That’s the fundamental quality of a brand. You buy a brand because you can trust what it says; it does say what is on the pack.”

So here is a collection of men’s most expensive shoes with prices ranging from as high as $3000 to a bit more than $1000.

Edward Green Leather Shoe Brand

The shoe company has existed since 1890. You can only imagine its popularity gained over centuries among middle-aged British men.

  • The shoes crafted by Edward Green are not only distinguished but handmade to perfection.
  • They have special expertise in Leather shoes for men.
  • They craft perfect shoes to the extent that the entire crew rolls out only 250 shoes per week.
  • The classy Dover Split Toe by the brand is favored by men as it brings out elegance in the best way.

Martin Dingman Leather Shoe Brand

Martin Dingman can be referred to as a relatively new brand in the market. They have already gained praise for their classic leather shoe productions but also for exquisite crafting.

This includes handmade accessories – golf kits, wallets, belts, and other giveaways.

The crocodile is reportedly the finest shoe in their collection which you’ll love to flaunt.

Tanino Crisci Leather Shoes Brand

Tanino Crisci is one of the topmost brands whom you’ll give your entire paycheck just to buy a pair of shoes.

The Lilian style by Tanino is desired by men to be included in their timeless shoe collection.

Well, the brand is now shut down due to several reasons but when the chatter is about the most expensive shoes, how can we forget to enlist them?

John Lobb shoe Brand

John Lobb started its business in 1866 and they have maintained perfection since then. Ladies can choose a plush pair as the best present for their men.

The expensive range of shoes starts from $900 or $1280 to comfort men’s feet with luxury.

New & Lingwood Shoes

New & Lingwood offers an extensive range of impressive styles and designs of shoes for men. Established in 1865, it continues to craft shoes that are cured in rye, oat flour, and yeast.

Different, eh? It is also popular for its distinct apparel range. You’ll love to slip your feet in its handcrafted Russian Calf Shoe.

Berluti Handmade Shoes

The bespoken brand counts as the most famous luxury shoe brand in the world. Berluti has an exclusive range of shiny finished rainbow-paginated hue shoes offering unrivaled comfort and elegance.

Well, you’ll have to spend $1830 to enjoy the luxury of it.

Stefano Bemer Shoes

The brand is a popular shoe house which once designed and manufactured in collaboration with Gucci.

It takes 3 months for Stefano to craft a single pair of leather shoes which is no less than the best treatment for your feet.

They manufacture shoes out of camel leather costing around $2000.


Aubercy Shoe Brand

Do you want to wear diamond-studded shoes? Aubercy offers the coolest pair. They craft studded shoes with real diamonds in ‘Phil’ style which is the best in its class, it will cost you in a range from $3000 – $4500.

The pricing depends on the sizing and diamond finishing.

Louis Vuitton Shoes

Louis Vuitton is already popular for its women’s shoe collection. The waxed alligator leather shoes made with traditional hand craftsmanship with a slight vintage touch is popular.

It features a glove-soft leather lining for maximum comfort. You can shop it for $10000.

House of Testoni

Testoni is the most expensive leather shoe brand which was established in Bologna by Amedo Testoni in 1929. It is quite popular for its expensive and quality shoe collection.

You can wear its shoes crafted with soft goatskin, and decorated with a diamond and gold buckle.

However, you must have the capacity to spend a whopping amount of $30000 to buy its most expensive shoes on the planet.

By the time you’ve been pleased with the most expensive brands but if they are not affordable to you, shop what applies! Check out the wide range of men’s boots, sneakers, and loafers that fit your pockets.


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