Different Types Of Shoes Sole


Choosing the right type of shoe sole can be a headache when you don’t know about different types of shoe soles. Shoe manufacturers select different soles based on the types of shoe you going to make.

The most common shoe sole

The shoe sole is for running, walking, and climbing, formal shoes are different. Here we are with such a guide to different types of shoe soles for you. There are types of most common Shoe soles. Want to know more in detail? Let’s get started.

Leather Soles:

Traditional and often associated with formal shoes, leather soles are durable, elegant, and can provide good traction. They’re common in dress shoes and high-quality footwear.

Rubber Soles:

Versatile and durable, rubber soles offer excellent grip and are suitable for various terrains. They come in different textures and patterns for enhanced traction and can be found in athletic shoes, casual wear, and even some dress shoes for added comfort.

EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) Soles:

Lightweight and flexible, EVA soles provide cushioning and shock absorption. Commonly used in athletic and running shoes, they offer comfort for prolonged wear.

Crepe Soles:

Made from natural rubber, crepe soles are soft, flexible, and have a distinctive look. They provide good cushioning and are often found in casual and desert boots.

Cork Soles:

Lightweight and moldable, cork soles offer great shock absorption and are often paired with leather in footwear like sandals and some casual shoes.

Gum Soles:

Made from natural or synthetic rubber, gum soles are sticky and provide excellent grip, commonly used in skate shoes and some casual footwear.

Wedge Soles:

Characterized by a thick sole that runs under the entire foot, wedge soles offer stability and support. They can be made from various materials like rubber, cork, or EVA and are found in both casual and dressy footwear.

Platform Soles:

These soles have an elevated platform throughout the shoe’s length, giving added height. They can be made from different materials and are often seen in fashion-forward styles.

Combat/Commando Soles:

Thick and rugged, these soles provide excellent traction and durability. They are commonly found in work boots and heavy-duty footwear.

Vibram Soles:

Known for their durability and high-performance grip, Vibram soles are often used in hiking boots and outdoor footwear for their excellent traction and resilience.

These various sole types cater to different needs, styles, and activities, providing wearers with options based on comfort, functionality, and fashion preferences.


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