10 Most Popular Formal Shoes Brands for Mens


In the words of Christian Louboutin, ‘A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk.’ Mens formal shoes brands speak volumes about personal style, nature, and even emotions, making them a crucial element in projecting the right image for occasions like interviews or office gatherings.

List of Formal shoes brands for Mens

Here are the top 10 mens formal shoes brands guide by Yourtrendyshoes:

  1. Hush Puppies

    • An American brand known for contemporary, casual footwear with classic brushed-suede shoes and lightweight crepe soles.
  2. Louis Philippe

    • An Indian brand of men’s apparel under the Aditya Birla Group, reflecting sophistication and style since its inception in 1989.
  3. WoodLand

    • Originating from Canada, Woodland entered India in 1992, offering rugged outdoor shoes. Their formal-cum-fashion brand, Woods, is renowned for its robust design and formal appeal.
  4. Metro

    • A multi-brand footwear retail chain in India, Metro Shoes stands out with its own brand, offering men’s formal shoes with international design standards.
  5. Lee Cooper

    • An English company famed for high-quality clothing, Lee Cooper extends its excellence to mens formal shoes, providing value for money in the mid-segment.
  6. Clarks

    • A British shoe brand established in 1825, Clarks has a global presence with a focus on quality and design, making it a respected choice in India since 2010.
  7. Bata

    • India’s largest footwear retailer and manufacturer, Bata, has been a pioneer since 1931, known for its extensive range and ISO: 9001 certifications.
  8. Red Chief

    • Launched in 1997 by Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd, Red Chief meets the demand for high-quality leather shoes, showcasing its expertise as a leather and footwear manufacturer.
  9. Red Tape

    • A fashion shoe brand recognized for comfort and finesse, Red Tape, endorsed by Salman Khan, is particularly popular for its high-quality boots.
  10. Tresmode

    • An Italian brand designing footwear for men and women, Tresmode offers a global range. With its first flagship store in Mumbai, India, since 2007, it continues to set trends in fashion.

Explore these brands to find the perfect formal shoes that align with your style. Also, check out our blog ’10 Latest Black Shoes Design For Men’ for more insights into the latest trends


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